Wednesday April 22, 8:00 am – 11:00 am
Early: $100 Advance: $125 Onsite: $150
W3 - WSCUC’s IRP: Institutional Perspectives

WSCUC’s process for reviewing institutions for reaffirmation of accreditation is set forth in the 2013 Handbook of Accreditation and consists of an Offsite Review (OSR) followed by a more focused Accreditation Visit (AV). If your institution is anticipating this nine-component process in the next two to three years, this workshop will be helpful for planning out your self-study process, engaging your constituents, writing an evidence-based report, and planning for the whole process. (Note: institutions planning to pursue the Themed Pathway for Reaffirmation should not enroll in this workshop.) We will be led by institutional representatives who have gone through the process and will share their perspectives with us about what makes for a successful and meaningful review and visit experience. Though each institution’s WSCUC liaison offers a customized institutional training 18-24 months in advance of the visit, if you are hoping to get a jump start, wanting a review of the entire process, or gathering helpful tips and ideas from institutions who have participated in the process, then this workshop is for you. Each of the facilitators is also hosting a concurrent session specific to their institution’s experience, and in this workshop you can expect a deep dive into the following questions:

  • How can my institution begin planning now for our upcoming review and visit?
  • What impact will the process have on our institution?
  • What resources are available to help us prepare going forward?
  • What have we learned from institutions’ experiences that will be useful as we plan?



Sonny Calderon
Vice President of Academic Affairs
New York Film Academy
Pamella Oliver
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Programs
California State University, Fullerton
Harold Stanislaw
Professor of Psychology and STEM Success Evaluator
California State University, Stanislaus